Saskia has been practising yoga and meditation for over 13 years.  She was introduced to buddhism as a child by her grandmother in Scotland, making regular visits to a  nearby Tibetan Buddhist monastery. It wasn't until her late teens that Saskia discovered yoga asana whilst  living in New York City working as a fashion model.  It wasn't long before her curiosity and fascination for yoga turned to dedication, and a devotion to explore the practice to the greatest depths she could. This journey has to date taken Saskia across the globe, where she has been able to immerse herself in the cultures and traditions that best support her growth and understanding of yoga.  She is now very pleased to be sharing these teachings at home.

Saskia has enjoyed the privilege of studying with internationally acclaimed teachers including Edward Clarke, Kathy Cooper, John Scott and Simon Borg Oliver.  Saskia has studied and draws influence from a wide range of yoga styles including: the emphasis on breath and creative movement of vinyassa flow, the sequencing structures of Ashtanga, the heart and classical spirit of Dharma Mittra and the philosophy and playfulness of Jivamukti.  Saskia was born with an insatiable curiosity for all things mysterious, this curiosity kindled a deep interest in Jungian psychology, art, and mythology. Saskia also paints and writes, her creative and artistic nature pervades everything she does and is therefore a core aspect of her innovative teaching style, whilst she upholds a great respect and understanding of the tradition.

Saskia is based in London where she holds regular classes and workshops.