Saskia is a wonderful teacher. She is incredibly knowledgable and inspiring due to being so well travelled on the yoga path. She has helped me through a really difficult time and I look forward to her home visits because I know that she will support me to access my full mind/body/spirit potential and leave me feeling glowing.
— Violet Astor
I’ve been studying yoga on and off for the past 12 years and Saskia is one of the most knowledgeable and intuitive teachers I’ve ever had the pleasure to practice with.
— Ross Vincent, Freybors, Director & Founder
I really love Saskia’s classes. I’m a yoga teacher myself, it’s rare for me to find a class I enjoy this much and a teacher who is as generous with their knowledge and clear in their understanding of the practice. I keep learning from her every class I go to and she brings with her an enormous sense of fun and sprightliness. I would recommend her to the novice and the advanced practitioner alike
— Katie St George, Acupuncturist, Youth Worker
For anyone looking for private classes, from beginners to the more advanced, I cannot recommend Saskia enough. She is a gifted teacher who can deliver profound changes withe most gentle of touches. A joy to work work with
— Dr Jonny Martell, NHS Doctor
Saskia is one of a very small number of young yoga teachers who is technically very advanced, clearly having studied widely and in depth. She is also very creative and imaginative and brings this into her classes in a way that enhances the tradition and makes yoga fun
— Ross Cambell, Acupuncturist